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Delivering the Open Source powered Cloud services you need
on-premises, in data centres or both

Managing your Cloud from home or the office is very easy

Private Cloud

Let us help you creating a Cloud presence. From secure Luxembourg based Tier IV data centres or from your offices using the technologies most suited for the needs of your organisation.

Hybrid Cloud

Mix on-premises and secure data centre based workloads to cover your regulatory requirements or to keep the data where is needed to maximise availability and performances.

Your Cloud

Thanks to new technologies and platforms, owning a Cloud infrastructure that fits your requirements is not as complex and as expensive as you may have thought.

Some of the partners and platforms we support and recommend

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance is not just a checkboxing exercise, it’s an ongoing process which shows how much you care about your customers/citizens privacy and rights. We can surely help by removing the non compliant data transfers/processing you may unknowingly being involved with, and by keeping that data local.

Not only Cloud

Cloud has, unfortunately, become a term that could mean different things to different people. To be clear we provide data centre based distributed virtualisation infrastructures, on-premises virtualisation infrastructures and many of the hosted applications you may need.

Open Source

To provide you with the freedom to adapt the platforms you use to fit all your needs and to avoid vendor lock-in, we mostly promote and deploy Open Source software on our and your Cloud.

Open Source and Digital Sovereignty

Logo of the Gaia-X projectAt Omnis Cloud we promote and deploy platforms that facilitate the achievement, at local, national and European level, of a status often called Digital Sovereignty. Open Source software and Hardware, Open Data, Open Standards and Open technologies, as a more general term, are the building blocks necessary to create and nurture an European innovation ecosystem working for its businesses and citizens.

As Day 1 Members we are also participating in creating a federated European Cloud through a project called Gaia-X.

Open Source for you during the pandemic

Omnis Cloud has been providing free services based on Open Source platforms to help non-for-profit and education organisations since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.Open Cloud - free platforms based on Open Source software

We are continuing to do it and we have created a portal that we called Open Cloud where we make some of those platforms available to everyone.

We have been able and willing to do it as, not having to rent a Cloud platform from third parties, we have “just” invested our own time and resources making the effort economically sustainable. We understand the fact that other organisations are not in control of their Cloud and applications and could not offer similar Sovereign and privacy friendly platforms. We invite other private and public organisations to join in the effort of making Luxembourg more resilient so that we can all help out in moments of need.

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Private, Hybrid and federated Cloud for all.

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