Open Source platforms we host

If you really care about digital and data sovereignty but a fully owned private Cloud is at present not suitable for your organisation then we can provide you with the tools you need as single hosted application or as addition to your Virtual Data Centre.

This is just a selection of the Open Source platforms we host for our clients.


1CRM goes beyond the features of a CRM, it includes most of the features you need to manage your small business including products management, quoting and billing.


BigBlueButton is a video conferencing platform made for teachers and trainers in general. It allows teachers to record the lessons and to upload presentations made with both Microsoft Office and LibreOffice. 


Element (formerly Riot) is the web and mobile app frontend to Matrix an instant messaging platform similar to WhatsApp but Privacy friendly and not owned by Facebook.


Forgejo is a lightweight self-hosted platform which provides many of the most useful features you find in GitHub.


Probably the best Open Source video conferencing platform available. Lightweight, secure and adaptable to most needs.

Kopano Groupware

If you are looking for a GDPR compliant alternative to Microsoft 365 or GMail for your organisation then Kopano Groupware is what you need.


Matomo provides you with a GDPR compliant alternative to Google Analytics. You can still obtain the web sites analytics data you require to improve your services without the need to transfer personal data to privacy challenged organisations.


MISP is Luxembourg’s own response to the need of sharing cyber security threat intelligence and compromise indicators with the people that can act on it. Sharing key data through a community driven Open Source platform allows security professional to detect and stop many security incidents before they happen.


Thanks to its many add-ons, Nextcloud, can be extended to do much more than just being an excellent file sharing platform for individuals, families and businesses.


ownCloud is an enterprise grade file and sharing platform focused on stability and scalability allowing organisations to manage petabytes level storages. For those that can’t do without Microsoft office it can also integrate with a locally running Microsoft Office Online Server to keep your data local and safe.


A self-hosted video sharing alternative to YouTube. Thanks to the federation with other instances and the P2P video streaming your videos will be available to a wider audience while consuming very little in terms of bandwidth.


The Univention Corporate Server (UCS) provides you with many of the tools you need to manage a Cloud or on-premises IT infrastructure for you business. Its web based management interface does an excellent job in hiding the management complexities related to domains, users and application integrations.

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