Choosing the right Cloud platform

Cloud platforms are complex infrastructures that need to be planned and adapted to fit properly with the requirements of each organisation and sometimes to each project.

Requirements for a large international Cloud providers are very different from those of a small managed services provider, a Government department or a distributed IoT data collection project. To cover the different types of requirements we have chosen to work with 3 main providers of Cloud infrastructures which will be implemented by our local and European partners specialised in satisfying your specific requirements.

OnApp private Cloud

OnApp simplifies considerably the deployment of Cloud platforms that are ideal for small to medium size managed service providers. SMEs can also benefit from a Cloud platform, on-premises or hosted, without the costs and complexity that comes with mainstream virtualisation infrastructures.

OpenNebula private, hybrid and multicloyd

OpenNebula is what we recommend if you want to use the most flexible, features packed and European Open Source Cloud platform. It scales easily from Edge to multiCloud covering all the Cloud requirements in between and being a member of the Gaia-X projects it’s ready to federate also with other European Sovereign Clouds.


If you are planning to implement a very large Cloud infrastructure managing thousands of servers and storing data at petabytes scale then you may want to look at OpenStack. It’s a complex Cloud infrastructure to implement and manage at scale but it has shown over the years to be the one capable of handing sizeable workloads when it matters.

All of the above platforms can be deployed in dedicated racks or server rooms based in Tier IV data centres located in Luxembourg, at your offices if you have adequate spaces or as a mix of both.

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