About Omnis Cloud Sarl

We are a start-up that brings together the experience of many local and European partners to deliver Open Source powered Cloud platforms from our data centres and in customers premises.

Cloud has become a way to consume virtualisation environments and applications without worrying about the complexity and upfront investments.

We believe that “Cloud” isn’t a service that only global organisation can and should provide, today your organisation can own a Cloud platform or be part of one and we can help you out.

Our focus on Open Source based platforms allows us, and you, to benefit from the same technologies used by the global Cloud providers while lowering costs, remaining independent from vendors commercially driven choices, contribute to the growth of the local economy and skills availability and to the furthering of our Digital Sovereignty.

We also focus on Open Source alternatives to commonly used platforms like Office365, Teams, G Suite, Zoom, etc. to ensure that our, and your, users data does not cross Luxembourg’s borders and the services are fully GDPR compliant.

Whether you are an SME requiring an on-premises entry level virtualisation platform, a start-up in need of a few virtual machines or a public sector organisation planning for a national or European federated Cloud, we have the specialists and partners that can help you in selecting and implementing the most suitable technologies.

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Private, Hybrid and federated Cloud for all.

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Offices address:
65 Boulevard de la P├ętrusse
L-2320 Luxembourg

Email: info@omniscloud.eu