Do you really need a Cloud?

Does your organisation really need to move its infrastructure to someone else’s computers?

In some cases it makes sense to have specialists looking after complex infrastructure on premises and/or in a dedicated data centre depending on various factors which include amongst others:

  • location of the majority of users
  • size of the infrastructure
  • availability of room for the infrastructure
  • speed and reliability of connectivity
  • size and sensitivity of the data
  • predictability of your workloads
  • potential downtime costs
  • risks related to compliance with GDPR and other regulations

We believe it is important to evaluate the actual requirements of your organisation before proposing a Cloud service that may not be fully satisfactory.

Many now realise the Public Cloud that has been proposed by mainstream vendors, has not lived to their expectations and corrective actions are often required especially in regards to GDPR compliance.

If you haven’t moved to some types of Cloud yet, you may discover that you could just need to optimise or upgrade your in-house infrastructure using platforms that are more efficient and easier to manage. This will allow you to move to an external platform only public facing services creating a Hybrid Cloud.

Due to lack of adequate room for the required infrastructure, geographical distribution of users and/or employees, or lack of suitable connectivity at your offices, a Virtual Data Centre or a Private Cloud could be good choices.

If you have well connected offices with local data intensive workloads, eg. large databases or manufacturing plants producing lots of data, then you may want to consider a federated Cloud between your offices to share workloads and provide a geographical disaster recovery plan.

As you can see, there are many opportunities and many factors to keep in consideration. We would be very happy to help you in understanding which platforms would work best for you.

If you think you need a Cloud, have a look at the main Cloud platforms we can help you with and at the Cloud services we provide.

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